Friday, June 29, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Hi welcome to my craftsroom.  I love having visitors.
I decided that either I could craft or cook.  Cooking wasn't as  much fun as crafting since my husband is a very pickie eater.  So he has to take me out if he wants to eat. Just think no dishes either.  In my dreams.  We live in a home where it used to be a duplex.  So we have two kitchens.  One became my craftroom.   I have no where to sit but standing is good.  Lots of counter space and cutting board.
 I throw a tablecloth over the washer and dryer when I am taking pictures to show case on my site.

This is all my stampin up ink pads and Martha Stewart glitter.  I took an old metal screw and washer cabnet and use it for tool's, beads, eyelets, brads and extra cut outs.

This is where all my cricut cartridges are kept.  Top shelf is for the imagine cartridge's and nestabilities.  Middle shelf is for the cartridge's for the expression. and the bottom shelf is for my stampin up punches.

Bottom shelf is for all my other punches.  Middle shelf is for all the craft magizines and templates.  Top shelf is for my gyspy.

The above picture is my stampin up stamps and the side picture is the rollers.  And below is home to my expression and Cricut Cake machines.  Top shelf is a few of my trimmer's.  I am searching for the perfect one.

In the corner I have my embossing powders, glitter pens and tool's.  Below is how I keep track of the pattern paper on my cricut cartridges.

My sewing machine is on the bottom self and top shelf is where I keep all my ribbons at.

This cart I use for a cutting station and keep 12 X 12 paper.  In the drawers I keep my ink refills, embossing folders and bling stuff.

This cart is full of scrap paper.   I am trying to use it but it keeps getting fuller where I can't open the drawers without it coming off the tracks.  It's because I make treat boxes for my grandson's class for all the holidays that it fills up so fast.

My file cabnet is where I keep all my 8.5 X 11 papers color coded.

Thank You for stoping by and please come back anytime.  You are alway's welcome here.


  1. Wow everything looks so tidy. I didn't clean up my space for the party. Oh well, thought I'd show you all the real deal. Thanks for all the lovely pictures and stop by for a visit.

  2. wow you are so organized!! Looks like a great space to create! I am so wanting a Cricut or a Silhouette machine! My friend has let me use her Cricut and it is so fun!

    I have a new little creative space for me thanks to all the years of visiting all those wonderful Where Women Create parties- would love for you to come by for a wee visit!

    bee blessed

  3. I think it's awesome that you have a whole extra kitchen to create in...and standing is apparently better for you than sitting all day....which is what I do all the time. Except for my morning walks! ha!

    all of your supplies are neatly organized...and I am jealous of all the stamps you have in those two drawers! wow!

    thanks for sharing your creative space...feel free to stop by and peek at mine too.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Wow! An entire kitchen to work in? I would do anything to have a sink in my studio. When I paint I have to go down the hall to the bathroom to clean brushes and such. I'd love to have access to appliances... what I could do with a stove to cook clay...

  5. I think you are blessed having a whole kitchen with all of those cabinets and counter space as your craft room. Really nice.


  6. Crafting or cooking... you made the right choice!! I love the way you store your papers with the colored labels. I think I may just switch to that. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I think a kitchen is a perfect place to have a studio!! Oh my! The storage space you must have!! I must admit, I was a little envious at the beginning of the post until I realized you were kidding!!!! Thank you so much for joining the party! I loved my visit!

  8. Awesome space, my friend! I think it is perfect to have it in a kitchen - it would be easy clean up when I paint! How cool!!!! Thanks for sharing your space with us! I love it!

  9. great way to organize!! and love the craft sign..LOL!!! hugs

  10. can really cook up some great crafts in that craft it.....I didn't think a man could sacrafice home cooking for crafts :)

  11. LOL, you had me really going for a minute, I thought WOW this IS a die hard crafter giving up her kitchen space. I actually think it is a brilliant idea. Sandra Evertson actually keeps her craft supplies in her dishwasher! Great space, thanks for sharing.

  12. Ha ha...that is too funny. I really thought you were serious and thought , "she is smart", then I couldn't stop laughing. I bet you have plenty of storage though. Take care.


  13. What a wonderful space - especially being in a kitchen..... I am envious of your organized papers.... mine are everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing and I will be back to see more of your creations!


  14. I agree; having a sink right in your craft space must be just perfect... it sure would save me a lot of steps up and down the stairs (but then again, it's about the only exercise I seem to get) ;) Great space!

  15. Lol! This is a great idea! Crafting and food? Sign me up! Lol great organization!

  16. What a wonderful apartment.
    I always wanted something like that.
    Hope you come visit my blog.
    Be safe and dream big

  17. So wonderfully organized. I might steal some of your organized ideas. Love it!
    Come say hi over to Something Special. Later!

  18. Well I have to say this is the first kitchen I've ever seen used as a craft room! You had me going there for a minute about your hubby taking you out every night!LOL You have all the storage you need with the cabinets and drawers. Very clever! Thanks for showing us your space!

  19. This is great - a kitchen makes the perfect studio - and all those drawers to put things in! I love the vintage look too!

  20. I struggle with space to craft and create as well, I use the kitchen some and my bedroom mostly. I really like how you set up this spare kitchen as a craft room, very creative. Thanks for showing us all around your lovely space.

  21. I've often dreamed about being able to take over a kitchen as my craft space - what I lust after most is a sink and a window! I love that you were able to live what I dream about - thanks so much for sharing your wonderful space.

  22. Love all your storage ideas and so many stamps! ~ smiles ~ Thank you for the tour.

    ❤ ஆєℓєηα
    ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

  23. Way to make space for yourself! TFS

  24. Great creative space! You're so organized; great use of your space. Thanks for a fun tour.