Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's another school year of making treat boxes for my grandson's.  Its been 7 years now that I been making them.  So far I have come up with new ideas for each season.  It was just making 30 until this year and now it's 60.  My youngest grandson started school this year.  I thought since my oldest grandson was in 6th grade he wouldn't want them anymore.  Wrong.  He came to me and told me he still wanted to take them to school.  Oh well its what I do.  I hope everyone had a great Halloween. 

Re-Invent Objects

     I had seen a post on Pinterest on re-using chandeliers as cake displays.
I had been carring around this light fixture that my brother-in-law had given to me for a few years.  I just hate to get rid of things because I just might need them someday.  It just happened my granddaughter 1st birthday was coming up.  The dishes that I wanted to use on it was a little to costly.  (But someday I will get them.)  So I went to the dollar store and bought 7 metal platters in different shapes (for interest).  I then headed to the hardware store and picked up some plumbing supplies.  Some caps and pvc pipe. 
     I cut out  all the wires off the light fixture and took off some hardware that held the light fixture up.  Then glued the caps to the bottom of the platters and let set up for 3 days.  Cut the pvc pipe at different levels for interest. 
     The beauty of doing it this way you can change it out to fit the different occasion's.  They make great center pieces at party's.  You can use them for  horderves, sandwiches, chip and dip.  It doesn't just need to be used for cupcakes and cakes.  You can put foods around the bottom or flowers.

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